Low Self-esteem of Hindu youths and what we can do about it?

I agree with you totally. This need to be organized all over India and also in other countries. Perhaps, also a Hindu teachers training program and the new Vedio-conference lectures on week-ends for students – on Sanskrit language, Basic Philosophy, Bhagavad Gita, Dharma Sastras, Ithihasas and Puranas. There are many authors who have recently written books in simple language for young teachers to study and teach.
For the benefit of the young and new teachers who needs to learn and start the program, I have written (in English) a series of 4 books – total of 1008 pages as 378 lessons. Please see Amazon books and search as “Bala Aiyer”.

Why Hindu youths have low self-esteem?Why Hindus cannot articulate in 2 min for what Hinduism is all about?ISSUE: 
On my interfaithshaadi website, I have guided some 1200 youths in love. I have found that invariably the Hindu in love have above issues as listed. This is the reason they end up converting to the faith of the spouse. 
Let me share two interfaith marriage cases:
Deepa married to a Buddhist: “because of my own lack of knowledge in Hindu fundamental beliefs, was unable to articulate to override the put downs towards Hinduism. As in…. bal vihar is unnecessary, Hinduism is dogmatic, and extremist, and feudalism is a result of the tradition bound Hindu system, they are highly intolerant individuals (as in modi India and his far right backward stand), etc etc. he is also v opposed to idol worship! And vehemently opposes caste system“ http://interfaithshaadi.org/buddhist-hindu-marriage/
Aditi dated a Muslim for 4 years: “What I liked about his arguments on Islam was that they were very clearly articulated and nicely presented as if he had practiced them his whole life of 18 years. This was a contrast to my explanations on Hindu customs. There wasn’t a single debate I won with him in all those years. When one is constantly proven wrong, it is obvious to start thinking that maybe the other person is actually right!” [a must read by all, especially if you have children] http://interfaithshaadi.org/hindu-fell-muslim-boy-college/
We need to systemically educate youths in schools and colleges. We need to prepare reading material for 9th graders.
I have started a new group, Hindu Speakers Bureau. We have made some 30 presentations to schools, colleges and to communities and educated 1500 attendees. If you think you wish to join us to educate others, reach out to our website Hindu Speakers Bureau | Your students and community deserve to hear directly from one of our Hindu speakers.
If you think you are not ready to be a speaker, but is interested in doing something about this issue, join our WhatsApp group Hindu Speakers Bureau

See below – about Book 1 of the four:1.An Introduction to Hindu Dharma: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide on Hindu Religion or Hinduism Series: Basic Concepts of Hindu Religion (Book 1)        

An Introduction to Hindu Dharma: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide on Hindu Religion or Hinduism (Basic Concepts of Hindu Religion Book 1) 

These books are available as Kindle Direct Publication on Amazon websites. The E-Books on Kindle reader are available in all countries around the world. The print books are available only in USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Japan.

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