By Pabitra Chaudhury

One Facebook Post. 
On August 11, one Naveen (35) in Bengaluru posted at 6pm on facebook which was considered not reverential by a group of people. In two hours time by 8pm about 10000 people were out on the streets attacking two police stations and as well burning down the house of Congress MLA, Akhanda Srinivas Murti, uncle of Naveen. 70 policemen were injured. Over 200 vehicles were torched. Police had to resort to fire and 3 died.” Times of India” reported that the minority community was “miffed that Naveen sounded jubilant that the Bhumipujan was conducted at Ayodhya. While these comments were posted a few days ago, Naveen’s post on Tuesday was the last straw.” 

FB POST SPARKS B’LURU RIOT, 3 DEAD was the headline on “Times of India” on August 13. Interestingly no mention was there of the religious identity of the mob. It was frightening that in 2 hrs time an attacking mob of 10000 could form so easily . Is it an attempt to test the strength of the Government ? What was their purpose ?

The other parallel news in the Times:

MUSLIMS FORM HUMAN CHAIN, SAVE TEMPLE is the other news on the same page- an extraordinary act of harmony- “a group” of Muslims form the human chain to protect a Hanuman temple in B’luru. Jayanti R, mother of Naveen P expressed gratitude to Muslims for “saving her life”. Wife of Naveen was escorted. Then “in less than a minute our building was set on fire”. 

The report rightfully glorified Muslims as saviour of the temple. They however saved it from aggresive Muslims with intent to destroy..

So in the main part of the news the identity of the belligerent mob attacking police stations should have been revealed. That is a big problem in the Indian media.  They are from same Muslim mob. Media shuns truth as a nicety to the minority , which is social norm in India. But that is wrong. Media’s role is to be equal, honest.

In ” Indian Express ” on August 13 front page headline was:

Who were the perpetrators? What is their charge and against whom? Why did they try to create an anarchy? How did the perpetrators so quickly assemble with ready weapons in hand? Why not mention that the perpetrators are from the Muslim community ?  

WAR FIELD BENGALURU, 3 DEAD IN POLICE FIRING” is the headline in the Bartaman dated 13th August.
A definite pattern emerges in media’s censoring the identity of Muslims in reporting . Again we put here headlines of ” Ei Somoy ” on 13.08.2020 

In this report also there is no mention of muslims as arsonists and chaos makers. But side by side the same paper put a headline news :

“HUMAN CHAIN BY MUSLIMS SAVED HINDU TEMPLE” – ” Ei Somoy” dated 13.08.2020. 

BENGALURU HEATED, 3 DEAD BECAUSE OF FACEBOOK POST” reports “Jugasankha ” on 13.08.2020. Same Jugasankha news daily reported ‘Symbol of cooperation!” Human chain by Muslims to save Hindu temple” .

POLICE OPEN FIRE ON ARSONISTS, 3 DIE” is the head line in Telegraph on 13th Aug, 2020 is short of reporting that this chaos was created by a huge mob of 10000 Muslim.

“Protidin” of 13th August 2020 headlines and subheadings as follows




Here also Media is right in mind glorifying those Muslim youth for their nobel deed. The same media here also meekly avoided naming the Muslim identity of actors of destruction .

Promptly they do identify in case of affront by Hindus. That is fine. But why not indicate the Muslim identity of arsonists in this case..  The Law does not prohibit that. Role of media looks like following an agenda. To censor the names of groups/people working against the State.

COMMOTION IN BENGALURU OVER FACEBOOK POST: DEAD 3 POLICEMAN, INJURED 60” is the headline on ” Dainik Statesman ” on 13th Aug, 2020. Strange it is that almost no one in the media pointed out the ugly, antagonistic role of the Muslim mob of 10000 aggrieved people. Aggrieved for what? Anger to whom? Is it because nobody finds fault with their dangerous reckless act? Everyone is afraid of a bully.

Media’s censor of facts keeps the population in darkness & complacence and unaware of the danger brewing at bottom.

Interestingly recently some facebook posting in Bangladesh angered the local Muslim people. Aggrieved people raised hue and cry but not attacked State. Also one American Tahir Nasim was lured to Pakistan and entrapped by Pakistan’s blasphemy law  insulting Islam. He was shot dead on July 31 in Pakistan’s courtroom. Thousands rally in Pakistan in support of killer of American. The interesting point is that when the Bangladeshi Muslims or the Pakistani Muslims get enraged on question of respect to Islam, they protest in thousands against that particular accused person or persons but donot act devilish against the Islamic state. Why? Why they are so sane on that point? Is it because the country is islamic ? May be the reason is that India is a secular democratic country and not an Islamic state.? So the the mob consider creating chaos is alright. Otherwise how the same religious concept causes two different sets of reaction – destruction of state machinery & threat to accused people, as in Bangalore ;. and the other is  punishment only to the accused violators of Islam.. as in Bangladesh and Pakistan.- never harm the Islamic state. India is still not islamic country  and do  not have crooked blasphemy law. Rioters are citizens of India. Any one may get offended by anyone  at any time ..How does  it give  opportunity or right to citizens to destroy and act against State.?  Or  is this a  mock trial of    future  road-map  of  Jihadists? No media bared the scenario that when a human chain of a  score of one or two right thinkers could save a temple from  any  attack , then how come a sudden gathering of 10,000  could not produce  even several hundreds to question and reverse the chaotic situation?  The Media  rightfully  cited their Muslim identity in regard  to saving of temple by forming human- chain , but  failed to specify the  Muslim  identity of chaotic perpetrators.

Very curious is the fact that almost all the media houses refrained from mentioning the fact that the destroyers and arsonists of the public property in Bangalore are Muslims on the rampage to inflict harm to the security of Nation..                                                                                                                                                                      

This Bangalore matter is just not a singiular episode . It may be a part of a chain of chance adventure opportunism to pull India down.. For last half of the decade name of India is reverberating in the corridors of world power much to the distaste of evil forces outside and inside.They are trying to post India as a threat . Their resolve is to usurp power by mischievous deeds.

The world media never spares India. Popln of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan and Bangladesh (East Pakistan} in 1947 plunged from 20% and 29%

to 1% and 7% respectively now and in India Muslims recorded 100% jump to about 16% from about 8%. Horror stories of continued briutalization and death of Hindus and Sikhs are censored carefully. Even in the back-drop of this population shift rabble rousers work against India. Hindus in India itself dwindled to about 78% from 88%.

The New York Times International dt Nov 5 2015 flashes this unabashed 6-column headline news across the page :

Indian Muslim , Accused of Stealing a Cow, is Beaten to Death by a Hindu Mob

Now compare the above accusatory headline of NYT against Hindus with non shaming most brotherly

headline of indian media,cited above.

About Cow .It is a part of local village life in cow-based agrarian economy and cow-stealing is not just a menace to Hindu families ,it is an assault. They revere cows as Givers of sustenance in life and not even dare think of turning cow into beef.Muslims like it as food. In any part of world that traditional time-hedged disputes happen and they are followed by fair judgement . Same in India.

Just check-up the gun-shots exchanged in not so tribal , but local disputes in Europe and America .
NYT printed a remembrance on the anniversary of Death of Mohammed Auklakh – one killed by mob.. An unfortunate innocent victim of steal-cow trade. An effort to raise consciousness. Very good.

That time there was a concerted attack on Freedom of Speech in India. NYTimes pumped gas on it amongst others abroad and fueled by India’s own homegrown opportunists.

NYTimes on October 4 2015 attributed a full page to “India’s Attack on Free Speech “

But I missed a grave news which happened in NYT”s backyard , New Jersey during those days.
An Indian immigrant technocrat Divyendu Sinha ,living in the upscale neighborhood of New Jersey was out for a stroll in the evening with his wife and two adult sons.

A passing car just halted and three or four unknown youngmen jumped out chasing towards the family. Everone took to heels

when Mr Sinha fell down on the street . Two sons came back to rescue but the merciless beating on the Sinha’s deterred them. Quick hospitalization could not save Sinhas life. I could not find it in NYT. Perhaps it was not considered a News for NYT .But a local village quarrel 10000 miles away gets full blow-up in NYT.

Death of Divyendu Sinha is not FIT TO PRINT.
Not surprising that the accused were let off with slap in the wrist in the court-room.

Too noble, too silent , too compromising ,too peace loving are the qualities which do not always help the Hindus .

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