Where india and particularly Hindus are concerned,the media have utterly failed to discharge their obligations; rather, they take the meekness of the majority Hindus. for granted and pass over vicious acts of atrocities upon the Hindus , whether in India, Bangladesh. or Malayasia , but highlight a single act of aberration, even an impulsive retaliation by a hindu.

Walk with us. we issue a new number every saturday. see for yourself, on a case by case basis , the role played by the media – Indian and international . Just damning the HINDUS may be a successful policy to make them yield more without any protest. The idea that anything even wrong and harsh can be said against the hindus without any effect makes the media careless. The vile acts of total hooliganism by Islamists in Kolkata during 4 days of february 9 through 12 in heartland of Esplanade against Kolkata newspaper group Statesman went mostly censored by TV and Print. In effect, the history is sanitized for the islamists. The effort of forceful introduction of Namaj in a secular school of Murshidabad and arson of 40 HINDU homes & killings of at least 4 hindus, on july 10, were either censored or twisted. When Hindus are victims their identity or the identity of the perpretrators are blacked-out by Media. It is a serious thing as a false history is crafted for the Historians of future. The role of the media therefore needs to be seriously examined.

Media needs to be fair, honest and fearless and must not twist or censor the facts. state must provide them protection against vandals. The Media is swift to admonish the single mistake of a rightful community or a secular country but tends to remain silent about misdeeds in nations, who are based not on equality to all. Constant twist or censor of news may one day make the hindus totally frustrated and THAT spellS disaster. The earlier proven ways of further tightening grip on Hindus may backfire now.

That will be a terrible loss for secular democracy of the world. Because Muslims when they forced dissection of India made Pakistan and Bangladesh Islamic theocracy , whereas Hindus after sacrificing lives of over one million people and close to one quarter of land mass, still made it not a Hindu nation, but a secular democracy, which the world conveniently opts to forget.

It is a big generous experiment by Hindus in forward direction, unlike Muslims. percentile of hindus in India in 60 years came down from 88% to 80% , whereas that of muslims and christians gone up from around 8% and 1.5% to 16% and 2.5% respectively. During the same period in Pakistan (West) the % of Hindus & Sikhs and in Bangladesh (East Pak) the % of Hindus, Buddhists and Christians have come down from about 20 % to 1% and 30 % to 10%. These figures tell the facts of life and security in the three nations for the minorities.

For the Future of Secular Democrcy, the Media and left intellectuals need to stop hitting the Open One and start to pressure the Theocracies of the world to bring to the level of India , Japan , Turkey , South Africa and Western Secular Democracies.

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