Almost 100 Hindus massacred in Arakan

The Hindu family of Ms Saraswati

Almost 100 Hindu people were massacred by Muslim terrorists in Maungdaw township of Arakan, alleged the Hindu families taking shelter at a temple in Sittwe, the capital city of the western Burmese province.

Ms Saraswati, a young Hindu woman, while interacting with Narinjara News recently, claimed that the Muslim residents along with the terrorists killed  many of her in-laws families including her father & mother in laws at Kha Mong Sit village of northern Maungdaw locality.

She and her family were however lucky as they visited her original village during those troubled days.

“At least 100 Hindu people from Yebaw Kyat and Taung Wra  villages were murdered by terrorists arriving from nearer Muslim villages. The incident took place on midnight hours of August 26. Me and my family were away at Kha Mong Sit village and we surviveed,” added Saraswati.


The Hindu family of Maung Ba and Swapna

Her younger sister with five other Hindu women was hijacked by Muslim terrorists. However, they were rescued by a Hindu priest with the help of Bangladesh police from the border areas.

Her husband also confirmed that his own father, mother and other relatives were massacred by Muslim terrorists.

Another Hindu couple of  Maung Ba and Swapana claimed that Swapana’s father and mother were also murdered by the terrorists in the same village. Maung Ba revealed that the  Muslim terrorists were angry with Hindu community people as they protected a Buddhist monastery inside their village.

“It is the main reason because of which the terrorists targeted the Hindu families. Our elders protected the monastery with candle lights and flowers offered every day,” added Maung Ba.

Another Hindu teacher from a government high school of Buthidaung, U Maung Maung also confirmed that 98 Hindu people were murdered by Muslim terrorists.

“The terrorists suspected that the Hindu families of Kha Mong Sit village  leaked  information to the  authority. Initially they threatened the  Hindu people, but later they adopted brutal actions,” added U Maung Maung.

The Burmese government is yet to admit the developments, because of that, Narinjara News cannot confirm the information about all these murders.

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