03.07.2017: Mojammel Alam Bhuinya, Sunamganj correspondent: Repeated incident of destruction of Kali idol has taken place within a month in Tahirpur after the accused have been freed on bail who were under trial of two different cases of damage of kali idol and setting posters of Prime Minister on fire.

Police have arrested one suspect Bablu Mia (45) at about 12 midnight. Bablu is the son of late Nurul Mia of Chiksa village. But the original miscreants are still unreachable.

Information gathered from the locals and case filed have revealed that the reprobates had broke open the lock of the temple door last Saturday night and destructed the Maa kali deity. Formerly on 30.01.2017, Habib Sarowar Azad son of Bod Mia, Alam Sheikh Son of Abdur Rahim and Raju Mia son of Shahidulla had put Prime Ministers’ poster on fire at the badaghat bazaar.

A case no. 5 has been filed against the above mentioned by Jhumur Talukdar, Vice – president o the District Students’ League on 01.02.2017. In agitation, the miscreants destroyed two kali idols in the Pailanpur village kali temple immediate next day. Jhumur Talukdar filed yet another case on this.

After filing of two separate cases, police arrested Raju Mia, who was set to jail after recording his declaration of guilt. This incident added fuel to the fire. Habib Sarowar  and Alam Sheikh became more hostile and again damaged 10 kali idols in the Tukergaon village kali temple of South Borodol union. In response to this occurrence Bablu Barman, General Secretary of the temple committee has filed a case no.8 on 13.03.2017. General public has now become furious for not arresting the accused in spite of filing of 3 consecutive cases. They have started human chain in different areas of the sub district.

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