How is West Bengal, a State of India now ?



During the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971, the victims of  mass massacre committed by Pakistani and Bengalee Islamic “RAJAKARS” were ninety percent of Bengalee Hindus and the rest others.

It is fact that during the last few years, after Judicial enquiry the Awami League Govt. of Bangladesh ordered Capital Punishment of some of the culprit “RAJAKARS”, but that is negligible according to crime committed by them.

In West Bengal on 30th March 2013 the Muslim fundamentalists of West Bengal arranged a huge meeting at Kolkata Maidan nearly of 25 thousands Muslims in support of the Bangladeshi ‘RAJAKARS’ who murdered Hindus in Bangladesh like anything.


At present, the attacks of Muslim Fundamentalists in the Hindu dominated villages of West Bengal are very common. In most of the cases excepting a few the electronic and print Medics don’t cover the same. The so called Hindu Bengalee intellectuals and Human right workers also don’t  protest of such incidents of West Bengal. Actually, the Hindu Bengalee people of West Bengal now do not like to recollect the fact that in

the map of India, the reason of formation of West Bengal was on the basis of Religion. As the muslim wanted to grab whole Bengal the Hindus saved the west by partition of Bengal. The Muslim Bengalees did not want  the partition of Bengal because they were majority they wanted whole  Bengal. According to 1941census, the percentages of population of Muslims and non Muslims in joint Bengal were 56% and 44% respectively. We shall have to keep in mind that West Bengal is not only the West part of Bengal, West Bengal is a total thought. West Bengal was created for safe existence Hindu Bengalees. Safe existence means their fearless life, safety and security of the females with multidiversity Cultural practice of all of them.

The refugees came from Bangladesh up to 1950 were mainly of so called Higher Caste Hindus. They know that they had no future in newly formed Bangladesh. As a result most of them left their home lands forever to save their lifesand respects. For the time being some of them were bound to live in Railway Platforms and even in open fields. Sri Prafulla Chakraborty described in details in his famous Book “The Marginal Men”.

In 1975 and afterwards the maximum refugees coming from Bangladesh were Schedule Caste Hindus. It is a matter of wonder that the historians, litterateurs and so called intellectuals besides a few exceptions kept silent towards the flow of Hindu refugees from Bangladesh to West Bengal days after days and years after years.  According to a scheduled programme on 1st May, 2005 Tashlima Nasreen was supposed to go at Midnapur for reciting her poems. But the same was forbidden by Muslim Fundamentalistsu, So

the District Administration of the Communist Chief Minister Buddhadev Bhattacharya also stopped the function. After that Tashlima Nasreen was not allowed to open the Shiliguri Book Fair also.

On 21st November, 2007 the Muslim Fundamentalists called “HARTAL” in a Muslim dominated area of Central Calcutta demanding to oust Tashlima Nusreen from West Bengal. They did various hooligan activities there. This time the Muslim Fundamentalists were also obliged by the Communist Chief Minister of West Bengal by driving out Tashleema Nasreen from this State.

An incident of riot was happened on 6t’, 7‘h & 8th September of 2010 in Deganga area under North 24 Parganas District of West Bengal. It was published in “The Ananda Bazar Patrika” of 8th September, 2010. “Fifty houses and shops were burnt   three hundred shops and houses were ransacked.” On 9th September 2010, it was reported in the same Newspaper, “Robbery was committed in Deganga during the course of Military movement.” But it was not published that the Muslims were burning the Hindu village and making unholy of Hindu temples and idols in West Bengal. The accused leader of that riot was a Trinomul Congress member of parliament at that time.

On 7th June, 2013 another horrible incident was happened at Kamduni village, near North 24 Parganas District Head Quarter Barasat of West Bengal. A 2nd Yr. Hindu College girl of Kamduni village was scandalously raped and brutally murdered by Muslim hooligans of nearby village. The villagers of Kamdumi were unified for demand of proper Judgement. But the present ruling party of West Bengal formed a Peace Committee making Leader to a person who is a relative of one of the rapist-murderers. The judgement of this inhuman incident is not yet obtained. Now the villagers of Kamduni Village are bound to live there under threat of the rapist murderers.

It is now beyond imagination that in Pakistan or in Bangladesh any Hindu male will rape, assault or even harass to any Muslim Female. But in West Bengal examples of harassment, assaulting and even rapping to Hindu Females by Muslim males are innumerable.

On 2nd May of 2011 notorious Islamic Fundamentalist OSAMA BIN LADEN who took shelter in Pakisthan was killed by the then American Govt. The peace loving persons of the World were satisfied for the time being. But on 6th May of the same year, the Imam of the Tipu Sultan MasjQd, Kolkata Moulana Barkati arranged a special prayer for peace of Osama Bin Laden. This Moulana Barkati is now one of the main Force of present ruling party of West Bengal.

Moreover the authority of that party nominated a person as a member in upper House of Indian Parliament named Ahmed Hasan Imran who was the founder of notorious Muslim Fundamentalist Organisation “SIMI” which was learned afterwards.

On 2nd October 2014 (The day of Durgapuja Maha Astami & Gandhiji’s birth day) a house of Khagragarh near Burdwan town of West Bengal was badly damaged due to severe bomb explosion. It was known later on that the house was a hidden Weapon Centre and Education place of Muslim Fundamentalists. From N.I.A. enquiry it was also known that according to charge-sheet produced in the Court the extremist Muslim Fundamentalist Organisation of Bangladesh named “Jamatul Mujahidin” in short “J.M.B.” is the organizer of this weapon store and master mind of so called Muslim Fundamentalist Education Centre. In the aim of establishing Islamic rule in the whole of India, they are spreading their net works in West Bengal, Assam and Jharkhand. Kaliachak is a small town of District Maldaha under West Bengal. On 3rd January, 2016 more than one lakh fifty thousand Muslims made a rally in

protest of a baseless rumor, “Dishonor of Hajarat Muhammad”. They started breaking law and order. The police employees were vanished. The Muslim hooligans burnt the Police Station. The houses, shops and temples of Hindu Community were attacked and ransacked by the armed Muslim mob without any protest.

Now, a question may easily be arised that whether this place is under West Bengal or West part of Bangladesh? In 1947 West Bengal was formed where non Muslim Bengalees will live without any force and fear.

But according to above mentioned particulars, the said motto was not at all obeyed. As per Census of 2011 (the report of which was published on 2015), it is very significant that where the rate of population growth of Muslims in West Bengal is 24.7%, the same of non Muslims is only 10.8%. Thus it may be concluded that the total picture is now like a challenge to the very much principle of formation of West Bengal.


(Writer:- , M.Sc. (Math)
A retired Sr. Officer of C.A.G.Govt. of India
An eminent Indlogist, Buddhist Scholar, Author & Litterateur,
Vice-President, India Study Forum.

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