HOW Can India’s Grand Old Party Justify Quarantining Its Own MLAs In A Resort Ahead Of RS Poll In Gujarat?

By PABITRA Chaudhuri From New York


THE Indian American community is stunned at the manner in which 44 Gujarat legislators were picked up from their residences and kept quarantined in a resort near Karnataka’s Capital for ten days ahead of the recent Rajya Sabha biennial elections. They were brought back one day before the polling and again confined to resort to ensure that they voted for the party’s lone candidate Ahmed Patel, trusted right hand of Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi. The heinous and “Herculean” operation was conducted within her knowledge, her deputy Rahul Gandhi and other bigwigs of the party were aware of the condemnable incident against all democratic norms. This is the view of the Indian American Diaspora.

Segregation of the lawmakers from their constituencies when large parts of the western State were in the grip of floods and the affected people were crying for rescue and relief is ill-conceived and defied any logic. Why were they isolated? Congress party was afraid that their own members who are the voters, might succumb to bribery and may not vote for their own party’s candidate. How can they justify their immoral and anti –democratic stand which will shame Adlof Hitler if he were alive now. What is the logic of not trusting their own lawmakers? Are they so prone to bribery that the party had to take up this Fascist like operation to keep them confined to a resort without any contact with the outside world? What the nation can expect from Congress which claims to be custodian of democratic values? The Election Commission of India should have suo moto taken cognizance of the prima facie violation of democratic rights.

Source : Global Watch.

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