Pabitra Chaudhuri

New HC has taken over the charge from Riva Ganguly Das , who is now transferred to New Delhi in Ministry of External Affairs. Before Dacca she was in New York as Consul General.
There are lot of talks of Hilsa and Onion and other tempting Foods with Dacca.
Time to time Dacca shows “Red China Card ” and get the thing done in their own way.
It happens in any deal. Sometime someone gets better off a deal. But not always – India need to remember that.
Bangladesh declared as free of State religion . Thousands of Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives to protect the lives of their leaders and citizens which freed the country from Pakistan army. But years later it adopted Islam as State religion . Since then Persecution ,torture, rape , abduction ,destruction of temples, land-grab and ethnic cleansing of Hindus started with vengeance in Oct 2001 with the Chief Ministerial win of Khaleda Zia .It is a blot on civilization that even after twenty years it still goes on time to time. all over the country
When the general mass wants everyone to be a Muslim and the intellectuals and
leadership finds that of no concern then it is the horrible day for Hindus and Buddhists.
WE the outsiders do not know how many in Bangladesh think for them. Their own people ,the Buddhists and Hindus and Government of West Bengal hardly makes a noise. Neither India. But if anybody of noble dimension wants to ponder their fate then he has to pile up courage inside, like Humayun Azad Taslima Nasneen , Shariar Kabir, Salam Azad, Rabindra Ghosh, Rana Dutta , Abu Barkat, Muntasser Mamun and likes.
Just think – 29% Hindus and Buddhists of 1947 came down to 20% in 1971 and now dropped to 7%. Still West Bengal is their cordial ” watery private passport way” to enter India.
No one TO STOP all these menaces.

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