Pabitra Chaudhuri

Sultan Mohammed ,starting at 1001, carried out seventeen attacks on India leaving cities and temples in debris , and blood -bathed bodies scattered in heaps and so did the other Islam chieftains , before Return to ghazni or ghure or elsewhere with booties of warfare – women and children in hundreds of thousands , gold , silver and jewels in astounding quantity..

Then one Mohammed Ghury attacked Delhi sixteen times in around 1192 onwards and lost each time and were let go by Prithviraj Chouhan . On seventeenth attack one Hindu king Jaichand betrayed Prithviraj and on conquest Ghury blinded and killed Prithviiraj and instead of return with spoils of war — decided to stay put and lord over devastated India and its Hindu population. That was the beginning of slavery of Hindus . Blood curling tortures and killing and abduction of women acted as an incentive to Hindus for continued conversion of the huge Hindu population

It worked even now in Muslim-majority Jammu & Kashmir to a degree. It still works in Bangladesh and Pakistan.The slavish mentality the Hindus generally exhibit had its origin in serfdom of almost a millennium to the Islamist forces and to European Christian conquerors.

Mohd Ali Jinnah boasted that he created the Muslim land Pakistan with one Typewriter and a stenographer. One reason so easily Hindu congress leaders succumbed to Muslim leaders war-cry is their timidity to old masters. They betrayed the Hindus by offering land cut out of secular India to make Pakistan ( and Bangladesh ) Islamic.

Now even after independence Congress and other parties employed manners suited to the rapid growth of Muslim population knowing absolutely well that if the Muslims become majority in a land they will exert to make it Islamic.and cleanse others. Free flow of illegal infiltration of Muslims from Bangaladesh and Pakistan continued and at the same time India was labelled by the same
people or the earlier entrants as inhospitable .

So the British India is ultimately made into three countries, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. A close look at the position of population increase in these three countries will baffle you. India’s Muslim and Hindu population after 1947 started at 8% and 88% , Muslims now vaulted to about 16% and Hindus reduced to 78%. Pakistan’s Hindu and Sikh population plummeted from 20% to 1%. In Bangladesh Hindus and Buddhists reduced to 7% from 29%. In all the three countries the rising Muslim population is astronomical and serious reduction in Hindu population surely points to a vanishing pattern of Hindu population. Congress leaders with their opaque unreasonable fearful love for Islamic theocracy allowed to cut India in three pieces and let two pieces adopt Islam as state religion and these magnanimous self-deceiving leaders forced Hindus to have secular model with lot of deprivations to Hindus.

In the freedom movement we salute to one Muslim who martyred his life and some other Muslim freedom fighters but their numbers are absolutely nowhere close to their pre – independence population of 16%., compared to Hindu freedom fighters. A big chunk of Muslim population opted to stay in India. Jinnah’s own sister stayed back in India. and the Congress leaders in the states tried to appease them. That was the picture of running administration of all the states all over India. Same with West Bengal, Maharashtra, UP, Kerala etc.

Nobody knew Bal Thackeray. No scion of a glittering family. He was not a politician venting for a seat of power.. He drew cartoons.He was a Hindu. He proclaimed himself to be a Hindu with pride without any ifs and buts. He stood for Hindus and Hindu causes. . He created his own image. The general Hindu population of the country, not just Maharashtra, depended upon him for protection of the rights of Hindus. His uprightness, his strength of character and absolute braveheart forced the self-seekers to give up to his right cause. He was able to register a change in mind-set for some element of justice to Hindus in independent India.. Hindus everywhere believed him. Though he was not running any office of power.
In the light of the present Kangana Ranaut episode it is interesting to imagine as to what kind of picture is emerging to the mass now. Which is more assuring ?.. Is it the scion of the family followed by demolition crew and victorious flying high flag of “Ukhad Diya” or a Balasaheb blessing Kangana ,with care & affection visible in his demeanor.

Hope present day Thackerays and Shivsena see through the public eye of India and not just of limited audience..They may also see the barrage of charges heaped against Narendra Modi, Monmohun Singh – not just one charge of POK – and how delightfully they are handled.. Hindus beyond Maharashtra felt assured by Balasaheb and his disposition and they need to be assured as well by the current administration for the total good of everyone.

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