Pabitra Chaudhuri

After living 27 years in Mumbai 13 Bangladeshi people are held in Bagda, India- Bangladesh border, by BSF on their way back – Bartaman dt 17 Sep 2020.

They infiltrated 27 years back, like lakhs of Muslims that enter into West Bengal, the very soft entry point and then disperse all over India almost without notice of anyone. L They went to Mumbai, faked their names and identities, got entry into a multi-storied and worked and lived all these years. Now as the jobs are difficult to get, they decided to leave for home, Bangladesh.

Millions of Bangla Muslims enter India changing the demography of India, putting India into a security threat. Another entry is of Hindus under continuous barbaric persecution of Bangla Muslims. Even after entry of these Hindus, which counter the Muslim influx, the Muslim population shoot to 16% from 8%. in India – so high is the number of infiltrators…

This is a wide-open incident and happens all the time. But it has become News as BSF intervened. Even then look at the purveyors of news. I have checked up half a dozen Dailies without any trace of this story of a national hazard. The censor by the media of the anti-national acts like infiltration emboldens the terrorists and security threats and anti-nationals. Time and again we find all on a sudden somebody jumping gun on India and Hindus garnering lot of hatemongers from within, who vie for exposure to higher circles to curry favour by demonising Hindus.

Out of nowhere will emerge a Nasseruddin Shah, or Kiran Shah or Amir Khan or Shabana Azmi or Shashi Tharoor or Teesta Setalvad – anyone who wants to be lifted up at no cost to him or her to garner some name or fame. These people found out that Hindus are so tolerant that it is totally safe to accuse them of intolerance.

One question to the anti-Hindu brigade. When the ship sinks Rats jump, not the other way? How come Muslims from Bangla and Pak flock to India and not one moves the other way?

Sr. VP Indian American Intellectual Forum Inc.
India Mob: 9874672079

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